2D line collision

So I coded a little bit on the weekend and implemented some simple 2D line collision. I wrote a line intersection function and a vector reflection function. In my Calculus and Physics classes we are studying vectors right now, so I'm getting some good review of this stuff. And learning some new things as well.

I hit a few stumbling blocks while I was trying to find the intersection of two lines using parametric equations. I Found the answer I needed online (here) but I wanted to know how to derive the answer so I spent some time with it and eventually figured out what I was missing. I'd like to explain with some diagrams and equations but I'd need to make and upload some images to do that. Maybe later when I have some more time.

Also I recently discovered the game "n" and there is a wonderful 2D collision tutorial on their site for those that are interested. I just looked at it a little and it has some really nice demonstrations using flash.

For anyone interested this link is a good math reference.

And check out the student showcase winners from the IGF (Independent Games Festival).

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