Quick Update

Just thought I'd post an update since I haven't posted in a while. I recently moved to Ann, Arbor. Still getting settled but I'm mostly unpacked. Waiting for school to start in the Fall. I now have a cable modem, which is nice after having dial-up for over a year. (I'm watching the shuttle launch stream right now. Never watched it before.)

I applied to Stardock for a job, since they are hiring game programmers and are local. I'm currently in the process of making a 3D demo for them. I sent my testbed application with my resume but it only has 2D stuff in it, so they wanted to see some 3D. I've been busy all weekend trying to put something together. I made my first branch in my SVN repository. This way I can avoid putting all the HACKS I'm making into the trunk's code base. I'm trying to get the demo done as quick as I can so there is a lot of temporary hacks happening at the moment. Plus this way I can make isolated changes that only affect the demo without relying on #ifdefs all over the code. I may upload the demo to my web space at school and add a link to it here if anyone is interested.

Happy Coding!


Anonymous shaun said...

good to see ya back keith - we'll have to do lunch sometime

3:04 AM EDT  
Anonymous AC Code Jockey said...

Pfft. Demo?! Just bring in a PS2/Xbox with the copies of the games you worked on. Tell them... "Uhhh, this wouldn't have shipped or even run without my efforts." ;) Best of luck, if its what you want then I hope you get it!

12:30 PM EDT  

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