Summer of Code

From code.google.com:
"A number of you have emailed us with one question on your minds: Will there be a Summer of Code this year? The answer, as you might have guessed, is yes! The SoC is our program to introduce students to the world of Open Source software development. Last year of the 8744 applicants, 419 students were accepted into the program and more than 80% of them succeeded, which means they received the full stipend of $4500."

I heard about this last year, but it was after the deadline, plus I was taking classes last summer so I didn't have the time. But this summer I'm not taking any classes so I think I'll try to be apart of this. I need a summer job and this would be great. Not sure what project I'd like to work on. Maybe Subversion because I like it so much and I'm familiar with it, at least as a user. I think I downloaded the source from the svn repository at some point. Guess I should start looking at it.

Summer of Code


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