Added a config file

Now that school is in full swing things have been moving pretty slowly, as I suspected. I did implement a config file this weekend though. All the game settings were hard coded before so there was no way to change anything after it was compiled. I already have a file read/write module in the engine so it was just a matter of reading in the file and parsing out the data I wanted. There is a screen parameter structure that I use to initialize a screen so I just fill in this data with what is read in from the file. Eventually I'd like to use an XML formatted file and get an XML parser working, but right now it's more like a windows .ini file. But now I can change the screen resolution, refresh rate, toggle if window/fullscreen, and determine what version of the shaders to use (but this is not fully implemented yet).

Anyway that's the latest.

If anyone is reading this, what games are you playing right now?

I was playing Resident Evil 4, but I haven't been playing much of anything since school started. I'm close to the end so I need to spend some time and finish it. I'm also playing Viewtiful Joe a little bit and currently patching Anarchy Online (which takes forever on dial-up). I haven't played it in a while but since it's free right now I figured I might play around with it again. I miss my Final Fantasy XI.


Anonymous AC Code Jockey said...

Finished Gun not too long ago. But I'm playing a lot more of XLive Arcade these days.... Zuma & Hexic. I have lots of other games... but I keep finding myself going back to the simple quick fix games as of late.

8:07 PM EST  
Blogger keith said...

Hooray! My first comment. And for being the first person to comment on my blog, Anthony receives............well, nothing actually, but thanks for reading.


8:34 PM EST  
Anonymous Seth K said...

uhhh games? what are those - too busy ;/ Aside from booting up DOA4 on 360, I have been still playing a fair amount of Tokobot on PSP, and still an occasional playthrough of Hot Shots! Open Tee for PSP - that in my opinon is the best game for the system.

miss u k...


5:54 PM EST  

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