Code cleanup, repository migration, an animation system and Ruby.

So I've been busy coding a lot lately. And as school approaches, my desire to get as much done as I can increases because I know that when school starts my time will be very limited.

I recently migrated my Subverion repositories from my Windows machine to my Linux machine. I got a dynamic DNS account from DynDNS so I can access my machine from anywhere. This will come in very handy when school starts. I plan to have a repository for all school related code that I write and to maintain that repository on this machine. With my DynDNS domain name I can access it from school and checkout a working copy to my webspace there and work on it when I need to.

As for my engine, I've started work on an animation system. The plan is to implement the whole system using matrices and if desired I can store the data in quaternion form later. I'll upload a new testbed application with an animation testbed when I finish.

I also spent some time fixing a bug in my sorted list class and moving some classes into a new engine namespace. I've decided that the whole engine would be enclosed in it's own namespace and am in the process of slowly migrating existing classes into the namespace.

And lastly I've been playing with Ruby some more. I rewrote the only non-ruby tool that I had, texcon, in Ruby. It converts textures into my engines texture format. I'm using RMagick which is a Ruby binding to ImageMagick or GraphicsMagick. I'm using the ImageMagick library installed on cygwin. My previous tool only supported the BMP format because that was the only format that I wrote code for. Now using ImageMagick I can use any format that it supports. Also on the Ruby front I recently installed RubyGems. If your using Ruby I recommend installing this. It makes finding and installing additional packages much nicer. It's similar to apt-get for Linux. Make sure your aware of this little tidbit though [LINK] otherwise things won't work the way you might expect. I chose to use the environment variable RUBYOPT and put the following line in my .bash_profile file:
export RUBYOPT=rubygems


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