Merry X-mas

It's that time of year again. Hope everyone has a good holiday season. I'm getting ready to pack up and head over to my parents house later tonight. I just updated my laptop with the latest from SVN. I'm hoping to play around with the Linux build of my project a little bit. Currently it compiles but it doesn't do much when it runs yet. All the machine specific functions are just empty stubs.

I plan on doing a complete post with all the details of the history of my project and a status updated as to where it's at currently, sometime after Sunday.


It all starts today

Well this is the initial post for my new (and first) blog. It is intended to be a diary of the process of creating a game, mostly by myself, in my spare time while going to school. I started the project over a year ago now but I'll get to where I'm at currently later. I hope someone finds this interesting or helpful, at the very least it's a way for me to keep track of what I've accomplished. Wish me luck.