Why no update

So I promised an update recently but it has been some what delayed due to the fact that I broke my kneecap and haven't been near my computer much. I have been working on some stuff but I won't be posting an update until sometime in the future. Until then.....


Anonymous Shaun Farrugia said...

Hey man need anything? can you get around?

10:29 AM EST  
Anonymous AC Code Jockey said...

yikes. How did you do that? Were you bustin' out some Muay Thai on some Ico haters?

5:02 PM EST  
Blogger keith said...

No good story on how I did it. I was jumping onto a ledge (or attempting to) and I didn't land smoothly and my left knee hit the square edge of the granite.

Post surgery now and recovery is coming along smoothly so far, but I'm staying at the parents house for the time being and they only have dial-up and no wireless network so I feel really disconnected. My laptop is really old now so that's a pain too. But I still get some work done on it anyway.

3:02 PM EST  

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